The Best 16 Charm Bracelets for Women & Girls

Best Charm Bracelets for Women & Girls


Charm bracelets for women is a word like music in the air near women and girls. Women and girls are the sources of charming beauty. Women and girls have the power of making themselves more charming than any other creature of the universe. To increase their beauty, more women’s bracelet charm has added a new dimension for them.  They like adorning themselves to show charisma. Charm bracelets are one of the essential mediums of making this accurate. 

As a consequence of modern fashion design improvement, a lot of new and beautiful charm bracelets are available every day in the marketplace besides the old ones. So the vast collection of charm bracelets will make your eyes pop out of your head. You will not even be able to choose one among so many beautiful bracelets. 

Are you feeling perplexed to choose a charm bracelet for you? We have tried to make you stress-free in this issue and brought an exclusive collection of charms only for you.

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The Best 16 Charm Bracelets for Women & Girls

Let’s look at Them: 

1. Ocean Charm Bracelet

The ocean is always a source of natural beauty. When an ornament is made with the theme of the ocean, it is most accepted by the ocean lover and the admirer of nature. We can bet that there is nobody without loving these two things in the world.

So, this ocean-themed charm bracelets for women will surely make the women and girls of all ages flooded with its excellent look. The beautiful natural colors are the unmatched beauty for the ornaments of women and girls. 

Two materials are used to manufacture this bracelet-sterling silver and glass. The charm bracelet will give you a cool look.  It is handmade, which will be music to your ears because handmade things make anyone more positive to buy it for use.  The style is a combination of Boho & hippie. A variation in the modern world ornaments with a modern look, of course.  The lobster claw clasp system ensures the fittings to all wrist sizes and a comforting fit. 

You can make it customized by the number of beads and colours you want to add to the bracelet. They will wrap the bracelet for you, so you don’t have to think about covering it by yourself.  Available for wholesale to those who want to buy it for business purposes. They have kept the refund and exchange facilities too. 

So, there is no way you can say no to these beautiful charm bracelets for women or for yourself or as a lovely gift for the girl and women of your house.

Ocean Charm Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Handmade with affection
  • Mesmerizing combinations of glass and silver
  • Lobster Claw clasp system 
  • Gift Box included 
  • Option to make customized bracelets
  • No chance of missing shipping for using the Royal Mail Postage  
  • Global Shipping facilities

2. Daisy Silver Chain Charm Bracelets For Women

Floral design is one of the most accepted designs near to women and girls of all ages. They can not just ignore the beauty of the flower. 

Disy silver chain charm bracelets will make them amazed with the daisy’s sweet flowery design, one of the most lovely flowers in the world.  The material used here is 925 sterling silver. The minimalist style bracelet is silver in color. The little touch of gold in the middle of the three flowers has increased the flowers’ beauty more. 

It’s wholly been made with the touch of the machine. So, there is no touch of artificial making in this bracelet. This bracelet is perfect for those who like to wear simple and elegant-looking bracelets. You can use it for your office or formal arrangements every day. 

This bracelet will be the most beautiful gift for the bridesmaid. You can wear it on any occasion you want to. The exchange and return facilities are open for the bracelet. 

Daisy Silver Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Floral design chain bracelet
  • Material -925 Sterling silver
  • Length Of the Daisy 8.4 mm approximately
  • The total length of the bracelet (17cm+3cm) approximately
  • For Casual Use
  • Packed beautifully

3. Luck Gold Charm Bracelet 

For those who like to wear gold bracelets with chains, this bracelet from the brand MarkupCosmetics is a perfect selection.

it’s made from gold. It has got three chains and seven charms in total. It is very demanding, so it is not often available in stock. This handmade bracelet has got a careful touch of love. That is an extra feature of the bracelet. 

You can wear this charm bracelet to all kinds of events and programs, with other watching ornaments. For any gorgeous evening and any gorgeous dress-up, this charm bracelet for women is very exquisite. A lovely gift packaging is available with this gold bracelet. So, you don’t have to think about the packaging anymore.

Luck Gold Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Handmade Bracelet
  • Combinations of charm and bracelet
  • Adjustable bracelet
  • Beautiful gift wrapping
  • Rare design

4. Alexandrite and Diamond June Birthstone Oval Tennis Bracelet in Solid 14k Yellow Gold

Perhaps there will be none who do not love gold and diamonds. Especially the women and girls love to wear shiny gold ornaments for different types of occasions. 

Gemstonekingusa brand has brought Alexandrite and Diamond June Birthstone Oval Tennis Bracelet in Solid 14k Yellow Gold. The gold is yellow in color. It is a very beautiful gold bracelet with a diamond stone. The stones are lab-created alexandrite stones. The purple stone and in the middle one white stone has made this bracelet more appealing. 

The primitive touch of handmade quality has given this bracelet an extraordinary attraction. You can choose any size you want from the bracelet as there are seven sizes of bracelets. To make your happy occasions happier, this bracelet will be one of the best choices for you. 

Alexandrite and Diamond June Birthstone Bracelet

Key Features:

  • PureYellow Gold Material
  • Sidelock closure system
  • The bracelet width is 0.25 Inches.
  • Length is available in 6.0 IN – 9.0 IN
  • The shape of the stone -Oval
  • Size of the stone- 6×4 MM
  • The thickness of the Bracelet is Approximately 6.0 MM.
  • The total Weight of the  Bracelet is 20 g (Approximate)

5. Women’s Bracelet Charms 

For those who prefer two-layered bracelets with a combination of two different designs, this GypsyWanderz Charm Bracelet is an optimal choice for them. 

One chain contains w/crystal stones with a bit of gap from each stone, and the other one is arranged with different types of charms like a heart of gold, a key, a heart, and few sparkly bobbles. 

This handmade product is designed in a way that the two design combinations have made it more meaningful. The white stones and the gold color go well together, so it is a rare charm bracelet to buy for anyone. Anybody can wear this bracelet to any kind of occasion, family, or social gatherings.

Charms Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Handmade
  • Gold material
  • Magnetic type closure
  • Rare item

6. Gardening Charm Bracelets For Women

Gardeners like the touch of the earth, sky, air, and sun too. For those who are very passionate about gardening, this bracelet will keep them inspiring about the work they love to do. Bunny Charmed has brought a GARDENING Charm Bracelet as a new addition to charm bracelets for women. 

This bracelet is an excellent combination of materials, like the Sterling Silver Plated Brass, Hill Tribes Silver, Pewter, Pearls, and Crystals. The charms added to this bracelet are: A heart shape saying “I love gardening”, A round disk that says Garden Diva”, a watering can, a turnip, carrot, sunflower, a fork and spade, and a potted plant. 

There is a DELUXE version of this bracelet. You can check on that too. This one has got only one color at the end and a touch of luxury in it. The materials will not break easily; you will get this assurance also. Because of the variety of materials, the bracelet becomes much more durable. 

You will get the following colors here: crystal, glass, pearls, and occasionally stones or wood. There is no presence of any toxic elements in the materials. The bracelets have got 8-9 charms and eight colors to make them more charming. You can get the bracelets in customized colors or sizes too. 

The two opportunity returns & exchanges are available here too. If you feel anything problematic, you can do that without any hesitations. They are very friendly with their customers.

 Gardening Charms Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Unbreakable materials
  • Handmade
  • Perfect for garden lovers
  • Different designs available
  • The customizing option is attainable

7. Personalized Charm Bracelets for Women

Time demands to create something you like by your design. WristWorkByMylk brand has made this option open to develop your bracelet by your desired format. They have brought a vast collection of steel-made bracelets for you. The most surprising fact is, all of them are customized bracelets.

They will give you to pick three colors and 11 colors of beads in total. The three colors are Gold, Silver, Children Gold. The bead’s colors are Magenta, Light Pink, Blak Green, Red, and seven other colors. Just choose the one from their list of colors. 

They take both orders, local and online. So choose the option that will be beneficial for you. These bracelets are entirely handmade with proper care. All the bracelets are sprayed with a transparent UV-resistant coat so that the colors of the bracelet do not fade. You will receive the bracelet in a colorful cushioned jewelry box. 

So, you can give these charm bracelets for women to anyone and buy them a happy smile. All bracelets and pendant necklaces come in a colored cushioned jewelry box. Gift wrapping not available.

Personalized charms bracelet

Key Features:

  • Made from steel
  • Personalized bracelet
  • Combinations of stone and charms
  • 11 colors of beads are available
  • Nine charms choosing the opportunity

8. Macrame Boho Charm Bracelets for Women 

For those who love something different to wear as a bracelet, this bracelet will make them pleased for sure. MightyMoon brand has brought a Macrame boho bracelet, made in Boho & hippie style.

This bracelet has got the traditional touch of boho style. They have used the ancient macramé techniques and natural crystals to make the bracelet. Total five times of gemstone and 16 colors of cords you will get here. Can you imagine that?

The gemstones are Moonstone, aquamarine, citrine, Africa turquoise, and Kambala jasper. All the gemstones are top quality ‘A grade’ collected from nature. So, there is no way to doubt the quality of the stone. 

The stones are the symbol of specific things. As like, the Moonstone accelerates your inner growth and strength. Aquamarine helps to reduce your tension and keep your mind calm. For those who believe in these things, this bracelet is the best option for them to select.

There are raspberry, chocolate, mulberry, powder blue, and 12 more colors only for you. Just see their collection and decide the one you prefer most to make your customized bracelet. 

Your order will be handed over to you in a cotton pouch and both hand-stamped with the Mighty Moon logo. You will get a gift box too if you want. They use recycled paper mailers and home compostable mailing bags to make the gift box. So, it is environmentally friendly too. 

Macrame Boho Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Completely handmade item
  • Customized Bracelet
  • Materials are: Brass and Gemstone
  • The Style is Boho & hippie style
  • 5 Gemstone and 16 Cord Color are available
  • Easily adjustable
  • Wholesale availability

9.Iridescent Moonstone Cuff Bracelet

BaliHaiJewelryPurses brand has brought a unique sparkling bracelet -Iridescent Moonstone Cuff Bracelet. This bracelet is hand-beaded and a cuff system bracelet. The Moonstone is made from transparent quartz. The gems are made from crystal. The colors of the beads are sky blue, lavender, white, and gold. All of them are wonderful and attractive colors. 

They are stretchable, so it is an easy fit for any wrist size. It is handmade on the beautiful Bali island. The women of this island make them by their care and love. It empowers them. Thus, they collect funds to take care of their children and contribute to the development of their village.  It will be formal accent jewelry besides an exceptional gift item for yourself, your wife, friend, or anybody. 

Iridescent Cuff Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Handmade bracelet
  • Bracelet length is- 6.4 Inches; Bracelet width is 1.4 Inches.
  • Materials are Glass and Stone
  • Quartz Gemstone
  • Style is Boho & hippieStyle

10. Antique Siberian Amathist Bracelet

Some bracelets are just so unique that anyone will become speechless to see the luxury of the bracelet. Emadjewelrysalon brands Antique Siberian amathist bracelet is this type of bracelet. It is rare to find. That is why it is not always available. It is a vintage collection from the 1900s. 

It is an antique collection from Siberia in Russia. This cuff bracelet has got a purple amathist in the center of the bracelet. It’s out-of-the-world craftsmanship with marvelous design. It is decorated on the on brongs with a cute little old cut diamond hall 56, and the standard is imperial Russian gold standard. It has an assay mark and an initial maker mark too. 

Free shipping is available with the term of exchange and returns policy. You may cancel the product if you have any confusion regarding this bracelet. They accept that gladly too. 

Antique Siberian Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Rare collection
  • Cuff system
  • Free shipping
  • Old style diamond cut
  • Returns & exchanges accepted

11. Women’s Bracelet 19 century

The people who like different types of bracelets. With a touch of any tradition or era, this bracelet is perfect for them. Luxe Avenue brand has brought a new bracelet named-11. Bracelet 19 century. 

This bracelet is from the style of the 1900 century. It is a very exceptional piece. So, it is not easy to find it consistently. This extraordinary bracelet has got a watermark in vermeil. It is stamped silver on the fermoire. 

It has got a set of beautiful stones. They are the-pale green and purple cabochons. It is a great sign of excellent victorian work.

19 century Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Rare Bracelet
  • Bracelet length is 17 Centimeters; and width is3.5 Centimeters
  • Victorian style

12.Natural topaz and a raw white diamond charm bracelet with sterling silver lobster clasp

Diamond is the sign of true luxury near many people. They love to adorn themselves with diamond ornaments. Keeping this in mind, the Uniquelan Jewelry brand has brought Natural topaz and raw white diamond charm bracelets as charm bracelets for women. 

This handmade item has got a natural raw white diamond. Moreover, the gemstone used here is AAA grade topaz. Sky blue color topaz has the color of the sky, so cute to look at. Topaz is accepted to drive away misery and increment one’s solidarity.

The lobster claw closure system has made it easy to wear around your wrist. Easy to adjust. You will receive the package with a beautiful jewelry box. 

You will also get a 30 days money-back guarantee. So, there is no need to feel confused at all. Buy a little happiness for your dear ones.

Natural topaz charm bracelet

Key Features:

  • Handmade
  • White rough raw diamond: 0.9ct
  • Bracelet Measures 6.5 inches to 8 inches
  • 925 sterling silver clasp with extension
  • Lobster claw Closure 
  • 3.5mm topaz gemstone
  • Adjustable 

13.Turkish Handmade Zircon Leopard charm bracelets for women

Some unique items just come in front of us to say wow after seeing them only once. Authentic Design Art brands Turkish Handmade Zircon Leopard Bracelet. 

Two materials are used to manufacture this bracelet. The yellow bronze and grey silver have given this bracelet a different look. As a handmade item, it has the authenticity to make anyone impressed with its quality. 

You will get all wrist sizes here. Just tell them the size, you will get your desired one for you or the person you want to give these stunning charm bracelets for women. They will ship you your product without any extra charge. So you don’t have to waste any money too. It is another excellent opportunity for the buyers. 

Turkish Handmade Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Handmade item
  • Bracelet length is18 Centimeters; and width is 1.7 Centimeters
  • Materials are: Bronze, Silver
  • Zircon Gemstone 
  • Bangle weight is 22.5 grams
  • Mid-century Style
  • Rare find
  • Adjustable

14. SanaBelle™ Personalised Engraved Name European Charm Bracelet – Birthday Gift

It is a very heart-melting thing to see our name engraved on anything. When it is mainly on jewelry, it gives us a pleasant surprise. UK Charmed Jewelry has brought such a charm bracelets for women named SanaBelle™ Personalised Engraved Name European Charm Bracelet. 

It is a  silver-plated bracelet with a snake chain system. It has a total of 8 charm beads with an engraved charm of heart. This charm can be engraved according to your choice. But the exciting thing is, all the engravings you will get in free of cost. Four sizes of bracelets are available. All of them are 4cm wide. You will get it with a pretty gift box or bag.

SanaBelle™ Charm Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Handmade item
  • Materials are Silver Plated, Stainless Steel
  • Closure Type: Lobster claw
  • Can be personalized
  • Available sizes:15cm,17cm,18cm & 20cm with a 4cm extender

15. Sterling Silver Stacking Bracelet

There are so many people who prefer silver over gold. For them, the Bibi EmJay brand has brought Sterling Silver Stacking Bracelet. This extraordinary Sterling Silver bracelet is carrying a 15mm puffed heart silver charm & disc.

It has an elasticity system, so anyone will be able to wear it quickly. This charm bracelets for women are a good fit for most of the wrists. This bracelet carries the signature “Bibi EmJay” disc.

It will give you an elegant look if you wear it alone or worn together with more Stacking bracelets. You will get a care card with the soft suede pouch where the bracelet will be packed for shipping. 

Sterling Charm Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Handmade item
  • Bracelet length is 7 Inches; diameter is 17cm (7″)
  • 30 x 4mm Noodle Beads; 4/5mm silver round beads
  • 15mm puffed heart silver charm 
  • Materials are Silver
  • Adjustable
  • Style is Boho & hippie Style

16. Vintage 14kt Gold Bracelet Demirouge Imperial Style Swarovski Charm Bracelets For Women

Imperial style is an excellent term to hear. Most of us like to do styles like the king or queen. Women and girls, who have this desire in their heart, nostalgicobijoux brand has brought Vintage 14kt Gold Bracelet Demirouge Imperial Style Swarovski charm bracelets for women for them especially. 

This majestic imperial style charm bracelet consists of a chain with two braids, the plain and braided combination rings. It has five fancily designed elements adorned with stones named Swarovski and crystals. 

This item is handcrafted. So, its vast demand does not let it be in the stock for so many days. People like the design very much and buy rapidly. It is a twentieth-century style crossing bracelet and will remind anyone of their grandmother’s jewelry. 

The gems “demirouge” are multiplications of high old and current adornments, made by a talented Florentine skilled worker, with care and consideration. The material utilized is the French combination “demirouge”: copper compound (85% copper, 15% zinc) cleaned, thickened in 14 KT GOLD, and painted in the stove at 180 degrees. 

This specific organization’s consequence is a hypoallergenic material, without nickel, with a warm completion, with the very attributes as gold, and that won’t ever lose its clear, brilliant tone.

Vintage 14kt Charms Bracelet

Key Features:

  • Handmade item
  • Vintage Charm Bracelet 
  • Bracelet length is 20 Centimeters
  • Weight 72 gr.
  • Material is Gold
  • Adjustable
  • Victorian Style

Charm Bracelet Buyer Guide

Which Charm Bracelet Is Best?

Charm bracelets permit you to communicate your character and carry added visual interest to any outfit. Find the best appeal wristbands for a completely custom look that suits the person with something customized. 


There are a couple of various structures that engage bracelets. Some are customarily planned bracelets on which the gem specialist has utilized charms as a general plan component. These are, obviously, not intended to change and you are pretty much secured in the jeweler’s vision for the pleasures. 


The popular brand assortment is amazingly famous, which implies that many charms exist for unlimited customization prospects. Top brands always prioritize choosing among the first because they already have achieved the reputation to gain the people’s trust. 


Although we have excluded any on this rundown, there are likewise some exceptional and beautiful charm bracelets. Not all of them will be according to your taste. But you have to select the one suitable for your dress and style for different types of programs or give anyone as a gift.

Final Words

In different ancient cultures, various charms indicated family, religion, and collective standing. While we may not utilize them this way now, we may pick charms that address us with a particular goal in mind, either in a real sense with a scratched quote or with a picture we partner with somebody we love. 

The primary importance for engaging a woman’s bracelet charms is the one you credit to them. You may search out explicit appeals with verifiable significance; if they don’t impact you, the importance will not have as much importance. Enchant bracelets can be more custom-fitted and uncommon along these lines than the standard chain bracelet, making them phenomenal, extraordinary endowments. You’ll be drawing on an acceptable practice while picking one.

What you can do is to create a corner charm bracelet into your cupboard. You may buy one or two together and increase your collections gradually. This gifting yourself procedure also makes you feel pleased. There is no doubt about that. Nothing gives you more pleasure than seeing the favorite things of yours in front of your eyes. “Women’s bracelet charm” has got that charm in it. There is no denial in this concept of charm bracelets. 

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